Volunteering is a selfless act of humanity that enables one to reciprocate kindness to fellow humans by sharing, caring through diverse welfare activities. The Bishop’s House Foundation of CMS Anglican Church - Travancore & Cochin Diocese offers a unique opportunity for individuals to understand the purpose of life by opting to volunteer. Volunteering here can either be on a regular basis or project-wise depending upon the interest of the individual.

The Foundation is actively engaged in various schemes for the well-being of humanity. In the health care segment, we conduct regular blood donation and eye care camps in rural areas. The foundation also supports patients at palliative care that needs various forms of support. BHF also supports the poor with various education schemes that need selfless volunteers. There are a lot of initiatives on the roll and many in the offing and to make our efforts successful we need more and more helping hands to reach the needy.

The interested individuals have to enroll and undergo an orientation session before getting into the act of volunteering. These sessions help one to get a deeper understanding of Bishop's house foundations services. Such sessions enable us to align tasks suitable to the one's interests. To schedule an orientation session, please send in your request mails to contact@travencorecochincmsanglicanchurch.org



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