8th of May 1816 is considered an important day in the history of Church Missionary Society. It is this day, the first Missionary from England arrived in Thiruvananthapuram the erstwhile princely state Travancore.

Rev. Thomas Norton set the activity rolling by assembling the Europeans predominantly settled in and around Alappuzha and conducting holy service commune In sync with this, missionary activities were also initiated in Cochin under the able guidance of Rev.Dawson and Kottayam was managed by Benjamin Bailey and Henry Baker.


Listed here are those committed missionaries who selflessly contributed to the spread of CMS and goodwill for the society.

  • Rev. Thomas Norton
    Rt. Rev. C.H. Gill
    Rev. C.A. Neve
  • Rev. Benjamin Baily
    Rev. F.N. Askwil
    Rev. J.H. Osmaston
  • Rev. Samuel Redux
    Rev. A.P. Donn bull
    J.H. Bishop
  • Rev. Henry Baker
    Miss. Isabell Baker
    Rev. F Bewer
  • Rev. Josephine
    Miss. Richards
    Venarable Pamer
  • Rev. Joseph Peter
    Miss. Meagre
    Rev. Kailey
  • Rev. John Hoax Work
    Rev. W.A. Stephen
    Rev. Kailey
  • Rev. John Dekker
    Rev. E. Beylerbey
  • Rev. W.S. Hunt
    Miss. Neve



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